Happy Veterans Day

Reference Recordings would like to extend a warm round of thanks to our veterans today on Veteran's Day.

It's on this day that we tend to think about that great "American Band" sound that comes from Sousa and marches in general. Some of these albums we've featured before, like Marches I've Missed and Strictly Sousa, but today we wanted to feature an album that might not seem like your typical "Veteran's Day Celebration" album.

So instead of featuring the music of parades, we thought it would be nice to feature the music of a veteran himself! Fresh! From Reference Recordings artist Doug MacLeod is a veteran of the U.S. Navy! So to honor him, and all our veterans, we wanted to feature his new album Brand New Eyes! And after all, if there's anything as "American" as a Sousa march, it's the Blues.

Take a listen and look right here and have a Happy Veteran's Day:

Brand New Eyes

Doug Macleod



“MacLeod is one of the finest songwriters, storytellers and performers in the blues.” Sing Out!
  1. Brand New Eyes
  2. Something Dark is Walking
  3. The Train of Change
  4. Midnight in Memphis
  5. Zu-Zu Woman
  6. One Eyed Owl
  7. Somewhere South of Somewhere (instrumental)
  8. I Rolled a Nickel
  9. The Nature of the Man
  10. Some Old Blues Song (aka I Can Count on My Blues)*
  11. Welcome In Your Home
*The original title was Some Old Blues Song, but when Bruce Iglauer of Alligator wanted to record it with Son Seals he preferred it to be called I Can Count On My Blues.

Also Featuring: John Smith, guitar/vocals Bob Jones, bass Frank Peterson, drums Denny Croy, bass (track 3) David Kida, drums (track 3) All songs written by Doug MacLeod, published by Gaslight Square Music, administered by Bug Music except Midnight In Memphis, written by Doug MacLeod and Danny Jesser, published by Gaslight Square Music, administered by Bug Music and Old Bard Music.

This album was recorded in November of 2009 at Pacifica Studios, Culver City CA. Engineered by Glenn Nishida; Final Mastering by Keith O. Johnson; Produced by Doug MacLeod.

True blues. These two words define in style and commitment the acoustic music composed and played by Doug MacLeod, a singer- songwriter in the American tradition.

MacLeod has been a beacon of unquestionably honest roots-music since the 1970s. Proof enough: 16 albums, a couple of DVDs, and thousands of gigs stateside and overseas. And in December, the announcement by the Blues Foundation of his nomination for the 2011 Blues Music Award as Acoustic Artist of the Year.

Now, the release of his new album, Brand New Eyes (FR-703) on the new label Fresh! from RR, a division of the 35 year-old multi- Grammy nominated, audiophile label Reference Recordings. With liner notes by Downbeat columnist and Grove Press author Frank- John Hadley, Brand New Eyes offers Doug’s sincere voice and lyric ease supported by his highly individual guitar stylings.

On Brand New Eyes, MacLeod presents 11 original songs. In a genre often reliant on old standards, he is the rare traveling artist who writes and sings original songs that are based on his own life and experiences. He learned from the old masters, lived the music, survived the life and carries forward a valuable tradition. MacLeod is known for his superb songwriting, guitar wizardry, warm soulful vocals, wit and unforgettable live performances. At the heart of this is his knack for storytelling, bringing characters — from the faceless to the legendary — to strikingly real life.

From Frank-John Hadley’s liner notes: “The songs of Brand New Eyes are heavily streaked with altruism, a belief in the bracing power of music to heal. It’s the thread running through the cloth of all the material.” “I see so many people walking around and they don’t see anything good in the world,” MacLeod says of the title track. “But maybe it’s not the world, maybe it’s you. To see some good in the world, put on some brand new eyes.”

Visit Doug MacLeod’s website: http://doug-macleod.com

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