Music for Independence Day - Strictly Sousa

The final album for our "Music for Independence Day" Series once again features the wonderful Dallas Wind Symphony, this time conducted by Jerry Junkin on the album, "Strictly Sousa!"

Dallas Wind Symphony
Jerry Junkin

No marches are quite as inspired as those by America's beloved March Master. Jerry Junkin leads the renowned Dallas Wind Symphony through the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights of every windband! Recorded by "Prof." Johnson in the big, bold acoustics of the Meyerson Symphony Center, this collectionof Sousa favorites and rarities qualifies as Essential Americana.

  1. Solid Men To the Front!, march for band
  2. The Black Horse Troop, march for band
  3. Hands Across the Sea, march for band
  4. Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, march for band
  5. The Pride of the Wolverines, march for band
  6. Semper Fidelis, march for band
  7. The Glory of the Yankee Navy, march for band
  8. Tales of a Traveler, suite for band Easter Monday on the White House Lawn
  9. Manhattan Beach, march for band
  10. The Wildcats (Salute to Kansas), march for band
  11. The Liberty Bell, march for band
  12. The Gallant Seventh, march for band
  13. El Capitan, march for band
  14. The Rifle Regiment, march for band
  15. The Washington Post, march for band
  16. The Picador, march for band
  17. The Thunderer, march for band
  18. King Cotton, march for band
  19. The Stars and Stripes Forever, march for band
  20. The Star-Spangled Banner (National Anthem, USA), for orchestra & voice/chorus, ad lib
  21. The Liberty Bell, march for band

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