Things to do this Weekend

If you don't have any plans this weekend, and you can make it out to the Rocky Mountain Audiofest, it's a must attend event! Here's the RR schedule:

RR CDs, SACDs, & HRx's will be demoed all around the event and will be for sale at the May Audio booth in the Evergreen Salon.

"Prof" Keith O. Johnson's lecture on "'Computer sound' and the crafting of high resolution recordings" will take place in the Aspen Amphitheater on Saturday at 1:45pm.

"Prof" Johnson will then demonstrate some aspects of the discussion in Tower room 9022 at 4:00pm on Saturday.

For more info on the festival visit

Other things to do this weekend:

Get our new FRESH! From Reference Recordings release The Human Holiday and sit down with some friends for an audiophile-quality laughathon!

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