Keith Johnson to Present at Rocky Mountain Audiofest!

Our very own "Prof" Keith O. Johnson will be presenting at Rocky Mountain Audiofest this year! Keith will be presenting on Saturday, October 16th at 1:45pm (local time) in the Aspen Amphitheater. The title of his seminar will be "High Resolution from the Masters." Visit for information on the Festival! Here is a brief description of "Prof" Johnson's seminar:

Computing power allows us to craft great recordings and document them with increasing accuracy to practical media. We download these masters, have increasingly ergonomic track access and during playback, our ears, perception and mind create a visual acoustic of the event only hindered by technological intrusion and loss of perceptual stimulus. We’ll explore computers, converters and clocks to show how their digital and analog properties contribute to the high-resolution experience. New to the history of perfection, Computer Audio, LPs and Tapes will be discussed in their role as top of the sonic food chain.

-Keith O. Johnson

Visit for more information!

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