Happy 34th Birthday To Us!

It's our 34th Birthday! So to celebrate we're sharing some past, present and future!

STEREOPHILE magazine online has just reprinted an historic 1989 interview (by editor John Atkinson) with our founder and President J. Tamblyn Henderson Jr. (click link to read). Reference Recordings was only 13 years old at the time, and doing great things. 2010 is our 34th year, and we've released about 100 more titles since that interview. We're continuing our history of innovation with new formats (like our HRx 176.4 kHz/24 bit Data Discs), stereo and multi-channel SACD and more.

We will be letting you know soon about more new RR artists, recordings, formats and releases soon, because we have a lot that we still haven't told you!

But in the meantime we thought you might enjoy seeing these customer comments about our first multi-channel release, "Britten's Orchestra" RR-120SACD, which is now officially available in US Music stores (June 8 release date)!


"Please let Prof. Johnson know that Britten's Orchestra exceeded all my expectations for his first surround sound SACD. I never thought Prof. Johnson would do it and buck the classical industry standard of having the orchestra in front and only using the rear channels for ambient information. To my great and pleasant surprise, I love the way the orchestra surrounds the listener with the strings reaching around to the left side, the trumpets coming from the right rear and the snare drum from the left rear, etc. It was a fantastically thrilling experience, and so incredibly life like and such a warm acoustic with great reverberation of the hall so well captured. I'll be writing a review for Amazon and www.SA-CD.net soon."

"My copy arrived today, and went directly from mailbox to player. I agree fully with *****' s assessment -- this is a model of how to record an orchestra in multichannel."

"I heard this incredible SACD on my main system and it is a text book multi-channel recording. The performance is all one could ask for and Professor Keith O. Johnson's original (176.4/24 digital) recording has been breathtakingly preserved on SACD. Front and rear bass is simply stunning and his use of the rear channels compliment and enhance the fronts with a tactile clarity which makes this particular recording a must in multi-channel. As future Reference Recordings SACDs become available, count me in as a steady customer."

"Got mine today. Wow!"

"Just received mine today from Reference Recording....and it's also HDCD encoded on the RB layer. My initial impression is that Professor Keith O. Johnson dropped off his master tapes at my house and the bass is wonderful. I have nothing to compare it with (performance~wise) but it is indeed a keeper. Keith O........keep them coming (in multi-channel) and please release some of your back catalog titles."

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SACD stereo and multichannel layers require an SACD player; the CD layer will play on any CD player.

Order RR-120SACD Securely Online! http://referencerecordings.com/RR_SACD.asp

Reference Recordings might be 34 years old, but we're still hip and have lots up our sleeve still! So check out our website and social media to keep up with everything we're doing:


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