Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Making A Scene Says To “Seek Out” Fiona Boyes

The new Fiona Boyes release, Box & Dice, gets a rave review from Making A Scene's Richard Ludmerer:

“Coming from Australia didn’t hold Fiona Boyes back. Perhaps the distance served to filter out the mediocre; so that she only listened to and learned from the very best. … Boyes was nominated for a Blues Music Award every year between 2007 and 2010. … Boyes raspy voice is highly expressive. If you haven’t heard her lately, you must seek out this import.” —Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene

Read the full review on www.makingascene.org

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Monday, October 5, 2015

A blues musician walked into a bar in Yackandandah…

The Star Hotel has been plying its trade since 1863, but the funky cigar box guitar hanging on the wall was only a few days old and proudly inscribed ‘No 1’ in Sharpie on the back.

In an uncharacteristic move, I took if off the wall and played it at my gig that night. While it proved to be a bit of a mongrel, there was something strangely compelling about this little junk yard dog of a guitar. I bought it and dubbed it the ‘Box & Dice’ – the beginning of an inspired run of new instrument acquisitions.

While experimenting with the cigar box guitar, using various small liquor bottles as makeshift slides, a very different and rare instrument came my way. A National Reso-lectric baritone guitar; custom built and one-off, it is beautifully finished with rich full low tones. There is only one other in existence, in the National factory collection in California. It is as ‘up town’ as the cigar box is ‘down home’.

As I tried to work out what these instruments did, it whetted my appetite for a new project. The idea for this recording was born… a range of new songs showcasing these interesting new guitars, with the addition of a few classic songs from my touring repertoire played on my trusty, ever present Maton Mastersound electric.

Barely a week before my scheduled recording I happened to make a return visit to the quaint old gold mining town of Yackandandah, in rural Victoria, Australia. Cigar-box guitar maker Shayne Soall, from the tiny Oz Blues & Roots Music Store, greeted me with another new baby: a 4 stringer, with a faceplate featuring the iconic Aussie FB Holden car. Having no idea how to play it, I went into a creative frenzy. Two new songs were written in time to make this recording session!

Inspiration comes in many shapes… more stories about the songs and info about these and my other guitars can be found at www.fionaboyes.com

—Fiona Boyes (taken from the liner notes)

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Come See us At RMAF 2015!

Going to the Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest this weekend? Make sure to visit the RR Booth!

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

October 2-4, 2015
Denver, CO
Denver Marriott Tech Center

The RR Booth

Main Lobby
Evergreen Ballrooms


When you swing by the RR booth, or if you're in a demo room using an RR recording, take a photo and make sure to tag RR on Twitter (@RefRecordings) or on Facebook!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Box & Dice is a “guitar fest”

“I just received the newest release, Box & Dice, from Fiona Boyes and it's a gritty, bluesy guitar fest. Opening with Juke Joint on Moses Lane, Boyes gets a thick, rudimentary sound from a resonator guitar with superior sliding technique. Her voice is raspy and well suited to this polished form of primitive blues. I'm A Stranger Here has a pure delta sound played only on a 6 string cigar box and she handles it with authority. Walking Around Money has a bit more rock blended in with an fast rockin beat on baritone guitar with Grunden and Addision. Boyes does a really nice cover of Howlin Wolf's Smokestack Lightning, with a driving electric guitar vamp, a cool loosely slung solo and some of my favorite vocals on the release. Louisiana is a somber blues ballad gently sung and accompanied on 4 string cigar box guitar, bass and percussion. Very nice! JC Johnson's Black Mountain Blues is delivered Bessie Smith style with Boyes handling the vocals nicely. With it's easy blues swing and Boyes' nicely fingered guitar work, this track sounds old beyond it's years. … a strong blues release.” —Bman's Blues Report

Read the full breakdown on BmansBluesReport.com

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Far In The Heavens Climbing the Charts!

True Concord Voices & Orchestra's Far In The Heavens release debuted last week at #13 on the Billboard Charts and is up to #5 this week!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Fiona Boyes a Melbourne Blues Society Artist of the Year!

The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society has named Box & Dice artist Fiona Boyes the 2015 Artist of the Year! Here is her reaction:

While I was on the road last weekend, the news came through that I’d just won the MBAS Victorian & Tasmanian Blues Music Awards ‘Artist of the Year’. Home again, at last, and admiring the beautiful trophy, I’m reflecting on the importance of heroes and mentors in the Blues life. It means a great deal to me that this award is given in memory of Dutch Tilders and sponsored by the Tilders Family.

Dutch used to sign off with: ‘Keep the Faith’. Faith has an eternal sense to it and nicely encapsulates the tension between tradition and innovation that I think is at the heart of the Blues. When I first discovered the music (long before I was actually a player) I listened avidly to a lot of classic country Blues. But it is one thing to hear the music you love on a record or a CD, quite another to experience it in person. Dutch was the first musician I ever saw & heard playing that finger-pickin’ Blues LIVE – it was profoundly immediate, exciting and inspiring.

I thought, “if I could only ever play like that!” Well, we can only ever play like ourselves as it turns out - but I am very grateful for Dutch’s support over the years, for his inspiration and now, for this award that bears his name.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Far In the Heavens “A Must”

Critic Rad Bennett says Far In the Heavens is “a must” have release!

“The overall spirit [of Prayers and Remembrances] is conciliatory, espousing hope through remembrance across many spiritual paths. I was especially moved by the setting of The Prayer of St. Francis and the a Capella anthem When Music Sounds to the verse of Walter de la Mare (“When music sounds, all that I was I am”). The performances are excellent and the recorded sound quite good. This disc is a must for every library of American music or for anyone who delights in hearing great verse beautifully set to music.” —Rad Bennett

Read the full review on RadsReviews.com

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