Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Making A Scene Nominates Doug MacLeod for 2016 BMAs

Making A Scene's Richard Ludmerer says Doug MacLeod's Exactly Like This “almost guarantees him two more [Blues Music Award] nominations in 2016.”

“Doug MacLeod has been nominated for thirteen Blues Music Awards. He finally won in 2014 for both Acoustic Album of the Year, “There’s a Time”; and more importantly as Acoustic Artist of the Year. His song “The Entitled Few”, from that album, also received a 2014 nomination as Song of the Year. … MacLeod is an American original as his songs; storytelling style and soulful vocals are mesmerizing. MacLeod developed his style by pursuing this tradition over the last 30 years. MacLeod has already received an Acoustic Artist of The Year nomination for the 2015 Blues Music Awards to be held this coming May in Memphis. This new album almost guarantees him two more nominations in 2016. This new recording is highly recommended listening.” —Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Boston Concert Reviews Listens to Exactly Like This

Nelson Brill of Boston Concert Reviews isn't just listening to Doug MacLeod's Exactly Like This, he's listening for what's coming next:

“The blues are storytelling personified and there is no one as agile and wily in telling the blues as Doug MacLeod, 2014 winner of the Blues Music Awards for Acoustic Artist of the Year and perennial favorite here at bostonconcertreviews. Macleod has just released his latest recording on Reference Recordings, entitled Exactly Like This. And it is exactly, precisely, what we expect from this gifted minstrel of sass and deep blues spirit plying his expressive vocals in the rollicking company of his National acoustic guitars. … Every bold guitar stroke and vocal is heard propulsive and resonant in this stellar recording, with Reference Recording’s legendary recording engineer Keith O. Johnson at the controls. … Macleod is a great storyteller with his guitar in hand: from the comic and cruising “Vanetta” … and “Raylene” … to the flashy punctuations of “Ridge Runner”…With all of these high and low tales, it’s a wonder where Macleod’s brilliant narratives and craft will take him next. For sure, we’ll be listening.” —Nelson Brill, Boston Concert Reviews

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekend of Download Savings!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bman's Blues Reports Exactly Like This is “Quite Good”

The Bman's Blues Report has a break down of the Doug MacLeod Exactly Like This recording:

“I just received the newest release (March 10, 2015), Exactly Like This, from Doug MacLeod and it's quite good. … [Rock It Til The Cows Come Home] has an acoustic basis but it really does rock. With a solid piano groove and acoustic guitar instrumentation MacLeod's vocals push the track. … The spirit of John Lee lingers in [Vanetta] with his basic attack and feel. Excellent! … Serious Doin' Woman has a real cool swampy feel (think Poke Salad Annie) with tall tales and a simple beat. … With finger chicken pickin and light snare work, [Ridge Runner] has the feel of Orange Blossom Special or another similar bluegrass track but brought up to a more sophisticated level of execution…New Morning Road is the purest delta style blues track, vocal and acoustic guitar and possibly my favorite track on the release. Think early Skip James or Hooker, Muddy Waters. Very cool!…” —Bman's Blues Report

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bruckner an All Music Editor's Choice

Manfred Honeck and the Pittsburgh Symphony's Bruckner recording is a March All Music Editor's Choice!

“Honeck gives this live performance a rather expansive interpretation, emphasizing the long sweep of melody and using a fair amount of rubato in his tempos to add dramatic shading, particularly by drawing out cadences for their full emotional effect. The orchestra is prepared for all of Honeck's gradations and nuances, and it is remarkably fluid in shifting from one mood to the next without seeming forced. Yet the most important aspect of this performance is the attention to tone colors, which Honeck clarifies and highlights with great delicacy, proving that in the right hands, Bruckner's writing for orchestra is astonishing. Of course, the super audio sound captures every aspect of the sound with fidelity, and the dynamic range is extremely wide, so listeners should be aware that the lowest volume levels might need some careful adjustments.” —Blair Sanderson, All Music

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Classical CD Choice Reviews Bruckner

Classical CD Choice's Barry Forshaw sees Manfred Honeck and the Pittsburgh Symphony's rise in stardom in the new Bruckner recording:

“The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and their Music Director Manfred Honeck have – in a very short space of time – become one of the most exciting teams in the modern classical world, with recordings that combine superlative musicianship with unparalleled recording quality.… we are offered a striking new interpretation of this imperishable masterpiece…” —Barry Forshaw, Classical CD Choice

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Monday, March 23, 2015

MusicWeb International Praises Woman At the New Piano

Brian Reinhart of MusicWeb International takes a listen through the new Nadia Shpachenko Woman at the New Piano recording and finds a real downside:

“If there’s a downside to this release, it’s that we might start expecting a new one every year. Nadia Shpachenko has done heroic work here, and the composers provide stimulating listening. I will be returning with special interest to the works by Matheson and Schoenberg. Adam Schoenberg has an orchestral recording coming soon; I don’t know what’s on it, but I’d guess his American Symphony and a commission which has been described as a 21st-century Pictures at an Exhibition. I can’t wait to hear it.” —Brian Reinhart, MusicWeb International

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