Making A Scene on Professin' The Blues

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Making A Scene reviews the new Fiona Boyes release, Professin’ The Blues:

“Fiona Boyes has a new album release, Professin’ The Blues, and on it, she does just that. Produced by the legendary Professor Keith O. Johnson of Reference Records and recorded at Skywalker Sound studios in California, this is a perfect match of space, producer and artist. Also, Boyes is joined by two master musicians, drummer Jim Bott and bassist Danny Croy. Johnson used mostly his own hand-built recording equipment and no effects like overdubbing or monitors. What you hear on the record is what was recorded, plain and simple. This organic approach matches Boyes’ style and her acoustic instruments perfectly. Boyes, a superb guitar picker, uses several different ones on the album, including 2 resonators, one of them a rare National Reso-phonic, and a couple of acoustics plus a four-string cigar box guitar. Drummer Bott makes excellent use of washboard as well and along with Boyes’ scratchy voice, the sound that is created is perfect for the blues.… This album is phenomenal, as Fiona Boyes is phenomenal. If you have not added her to your collection of amazing blues women, it is time to do so with Professin’ The Blues.” —Rhetta Akamatsu, Making A Scene

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