Living Blues Reviews Professin' The Blues

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Living Blues Magazine reviews Fiona Boyes' new Professin’ the Blues recording in their latest issue:

“Fiona Boyes continues to make superlative music grounded in the various styles of the blues. … A master of audio engineering, [‘Prof’ Keith O.] Johnson creates a sound that is warm, present and balanced so that the instruments and vocals can be heard clearly and distinctly. Boyes uses four different guitars throughout the album's 16 songs…and she coaxes a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions from each one. … Boyes' throaty vocals are also versatile, veering from low to high on the spare Delta blues of Can't Stay Here No More. The beautiful melodies of Angels and Boats and Face in the Mirror float delicately on the plucked strings of her Maton acoustic; her singing is also at its loveliest on these songs.… Crafted with technical skill, wit and deep feeling, Fiona Boyes' Professin’ the Blues effectively showcases her acoustic mastery.” —Melanie Young

Read the full review in the latest Living Blues issue.

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