Fiona Boyes Will Knock You Off Your Chair

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“Out of Australia comes the devastating, gorgeous acoustic blues of Fiona Boyes, a women who has garnered countless Blues Foundation nominations and now confidently hits us between the ears with her new release, Professin’ the Blues, on the venerable Reference Recordings (“RR”) label.… Fiona’s “Professin’ is nothing short of a sonic spectacular from the Prof and the RR team.… Boyes’ music speaks in tough, switchblade sharp fashion (of craggy hard times in love and life), with comic sly twists that will have you smiling while your toes are tapping to the contagious beat from Boyes’ resonator and cigar box guitars, and the whiplash of Bott’s drums and Croy’s pungent bass.… when you hit that volume just right, you’ll fall off your chair when Boyes strikes her first cords from her “detuned national reso-phonic guitar” and Bott hits his first thunder clap of bass drum on their opening “Can’t Stay Here No More” – a blast of walking-away blues.… Boyes’ voice is the consummate vehicle for her guitar and lyric mastery, delivering its impact with a powerful and sly style.… This one is a powerhouse joy to hear and explore.” —Nelson Brill, Boston Concert Reviews

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