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Professin’ The Blues

Fiona Boyes

“…our heroine perpetuates the blues legacy with a brave attitude and amazing conviction.” —Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues

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Professin’ The Blues proclaims Fiona Boyes passion for the Blues as she celebrates the unique contribution of recording and mastering engineer ‘Professor’ Keith O. Johnson, Reference Recording’s Technical Director and audio legend. In her self-penned and illustrated liner notes Fiona makes the declaration, “’Professor’ Keith’s amazing approach to capturing sounds, mostly with his own hand built equipment, is nothing short of sonic alchemy”.

Australian Blues guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Fiona Boyes has been recording and performing for more than 25 years, building a career that has taken her to major festivals and stages around the world.  A veteran recording artist with 13 releases, she has received 5 Blues Music Award nominations in 4 different categories from the Blues Foundation in Memphis, more than 30 Australian music awards, worldwide accolades and legions of supporters. Fiona’s immersion in the rich musical and historical traditions that make up the Blues lend conviction and authenticity to both her guitarwork and songwriting. Her abundant talent, artistic sincerity and musical integrity are a beacon.

In solo, duo and trio settings, Fiona presents 16 tunes (14 originals and 2 covers), employing a traditional acoustic guitar, two different metal body resonators and a unique 4-string cigar box guitar. Joining her are two highly respected instrumentalist; drummer Jimi Bott and bassist Denny Croy.

Recorded at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California, Professin’ The Blues, like all of ‘Prof.’ Johnson sessions, was recorded live, in real-time, with no separate tracks, overdubs, or effects. Co-produced by Fiona Boyes and Janice Mancuso.

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Track List:

All songs composed by Fiona Boyes except (a) (b) (c) & (d)

  1. Can’t Stay Here No More
    Fiona, de-tuned National & Jimi Bott,bass drum & 3 tamborines 3:13
  2. Devil You Know
    Fiona Boyes, Beeton lap-style & Jimi Bott, bass drum, tamborine & shaker 2:59
  3. Lay Down with Dogs
    Fiona Boyes, Maton & Jimi Bott, bass drum, percussion & washboard 3:21
  4. Angels and Boats
    Fiona Boyes, Maton & Jimi Bott, cymbals with mallets 4:50
  5. One Rule for You
    Fiona Boyes, detuned National – Jimi Bott, drums & shaker & Denny, double bass 3:48
  6. Card Sharp
    Fiona Boyes, 4-string cigar box – Jimi Bott, drums & Denny Croy, double bass 2:39
  7. Old and Stiff
    Fiona Boyes, National – Jimi Bott, drums and percussion & Denny Croy, double bass 2:45
  8. Kiss Me Darling
    Fiona Boyes,National – Jimi Bott, drums & kid’s bongos & Denny Croy, double bass 3:08
  9. Love Me All the Way (c)
    Fiona Boyes National – Jimi Bott, drums & Denny Croy, double bass 3:53
  10. Stubborn Old Mule
    Fiona Boyes, Maton – Jimi Bott, cardboard box percussion & Denny Croy, double bass 3:26
  11. Catfish Fiesta (d)
    Fiona Boyes, National – Jimi Bott, tamborine & Denny Croy, double bass 2:09
  12. If I Should Die
    Fiona Boyes, 4-string Cigar Box 3:26
  13. At the Crossroads
    Fiona Boyes, Maton 2:32
  14. Love Changing Blues
    Fiona Boyesna, Maton 4:15
  15. Baby Please Don’t Go (a)
    Fiona Boyes, 4-string cigar box & Jimi Bott, drums 3:08
  16. Face in the Mirror (b)
    Fiona Boyes, Maton – Jimi Bott, drums & Denny Croy, double bass 4:31

(a) Jones/Wilson/Palmer/Rogers/Waters
(b) Big Joe Williams
(c) Fiona Boyes/Gary Vincent
(d)Fiona Boyes/Nick Charles (Nick Head)

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