Fiona Boyes “Professin' the Blues” is a “Gem”

“Australian singer/songwriter/guitarist Fiona Boyes is an earthy force of nature. Her gravelly vocal timbre is straight out of the red dirt of the Outback. No swishy Blues affectation, here. You'll be getting as honest a voice as you've heard in a long time. 'So bloody refreshing', as the Aussies might say. … It seems to be a project that each Reference stakeholder got behind. It's a gem, musically and technically. … Boyes has a way of drawing in the listener into her stories. It's very intimate, very personal. Like Bille Holiday and Bessie Smith, Boyes takes you on her journey. … You'll enjoy the ride. … Now, to the recording. Equally brilliant and honest. The instrumentation is so unique — cardboard box as a drum, tambourines, children's bongos, shakers, and other unique percussive instruments — Johnson has a field day. The recording captures in flawless detail the myriad of colours of all the instruments. … It's not only a technical tour de force, it's one of the most musical albums it has been my pleasure to review this year. Very highly recommended.” —Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

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