Audiophilia Highly Reccomends Moszkowski From Foreign Lands

“First off, Moszkowski's music is delightful. Expertly composed and beautifully arranged for full symphony orchestra. If you like orchestral music with both froth and depth, then this CD's repertoire is for you. … Percussion is highlighted throughout the CD and the section is spectacularly recorded by Reference. Sure, the loud is good, but the micro dynamics of the cymbals, castanets and bass drum are just brilliant. … As a first class ballet orchestra, the players are tuned in to West's rhythmic subtleties and rubato. It makes for lovely interpretations of these unknown works. The recording? By Prof. Johnson. We are not worthy! Superlative, as usual. Do you think he and Reference would ever release anything less than benchmark? Of course not. This beauty is no exception. Warm, detailed and powerfully deep when required. … there's enough dynamic diversity to place the recording in total sync with the music and West's vision. Highly recommended.” —Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

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San Francisco Ballet Orchestra

Martin West

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