Wuthering Heights Is Carlisle Floyd At His Prime

Planet Hugill celebrates Carlisle Floyd's Wuthering Heights “on disc at last.”

“This new recording from Reference Recordings finally brings Carlisle Floyd's 1958 opera Wuthering Heights to disc. … Floyd's music is intense and dramatic, in a form of continuous arioso as the libretto is more poetic prose than poetry, with individual speeches standing out aria-like, including the one which gave rise to the piece in the first place. … The recording was made at a pair of concerts performances and we have to be grateful for Florentine Opera that we finally have Wuthering Heights on disc. … Georgia Jarman makes a finely passionate Cathy and that aria (now at the end of Act Two) is a significant moment which Jarman makes tremendous. Kelly Markgraf's dark voiced Heathcliff is suitably intense and dramatic, brooding well and the opera concludes with a powerful duet for Jarman and Markgraf. The other cast members get their moment, and Susanne Mentzer particularly stands out as a strong Nelly the housekeeper and very much a foil for Jarman's Cathy. A significant role is played by the orchestra, and Joseph Mechavich gets a fine performance from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and they take full advantage of the opportunities that Floyd gives them.… This is Carlisle Floyd at his prime and deserves a wider audience.” —Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

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