What Critics Have Said about Carlisle Floyd's Wuthering Heights

A “throwback” 1993 review from a performance of Carlisle Floyd's Wuthering Heights in The Christian Science Monitor:

“American composer Carlisle Floyd has wrapped music admirably around the Bronte story. He gives the drama added intensity with a score that is timed to the characters' moments of passion, scorn, and rage. The music is stark and brooding, but for a contemporary piece (it was commissioned by the Santa Fe Opera in 1958), it is multilayered enough to avoid sounding too strident or monotonous. The duet between Heathcliff and Cathy is quite beautifully written and sung, as is the quartet in the last act.” —April Austin, The Christian Science Monitor

Carlisle Floyd: Wuthering Heights

Florentine Opera Company

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Joseph Mechavich, conductor

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