The Wall Street Journal Features Utah Symphony and “Switch”

The Wall Street Journal published a double-review of recent percussion concerto performances and featured the Utah Symphony and Colin Currie's performance of Andrew Norman's Switch at Carnegie Hall:

“…the Utah Symphony and its music director, Thierry Fischer, presented Mr. Norman’s “Switch,” with Mr. Currie as the intrepid, energetic soloist. When the concerto began, the percussionist was nowhere in sight. A few minutes later, he bounded onstage from the auditorium and began his solo perambulations, moving rapidly yet gracefully across the Carnegie stage amid a profusion of instruments—about 45 in all.

Inspired by the dizzying pace of video games, this 28-minute work uses the percussionist as a “switch” who triggers music of different characters from other orchestral sections. As the fitful and episodic piece unfolds, snatches of melodic themes in the strings, woodwinds or brass are fired off but interrupted, disrupting linear flow like a filmmaker cutting to and from different time periods. The concerto, available on a Utah Symphony disc for Reference Recordings, ends as quietly as it begins, upending expectations. Both “Switch” and “Conjurer” are meaningful contributions to the percussion concerto repertoire.” —Barbara Jepson, The Wall Street Journal

See the full review in The Wall Street Journal

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