Carlisle Floyd's Wuthering Heights a “Powerful Representation”

“Wuthering Heights is one of the few operas by Carlisle Floyd that isn’t based on an explicitly American story. Emily Brontë’s novel is set in Yorkshire, amid the moors that give the tale its famous atmosphere. But whether it’s English gothic or Southern (American) gothic, Floyd has a way with stories drenched in melodrama and mysticism. … But the real star here is conductor Joseph Mechavich, who guided the orchestra and voices through Floyd’s often tempestuous orchestrations. He and the ensemble painted wonderful sonic pictures, but always in the service of the story and the drama. Brontë’s 1847 prose is still dramatically charged (if a little bit purple) if we read it today. But performed here, thanks to Floyd’s wonderful way with character, drama and musical textures, it seems as if it was always meant to be on the stage. And the recording should be a powerful representation of its place in American opera.” —Paul Kosidowski, Milwaukee Magazine

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Carlisle Floyd: Wuthering Heights

Florentine Opera Company

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Joseph Mechavich, conductor

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