Salt Lake Underground Says Dawn To Dust is for Everyone!

Salt Lake City Underground (SLUG) Magazine says it's not just classical fans who will enjoy Utah Symphony's new Dawn To Dust recording:

“Thierry Fischer, music director of the Utah Symphony, has once again taken the symphony to new heights. Their latest album features music that goes in so many different directions that after the first listen, I understood why so many have an emotional reaction to classical music. Dawn to Dust is an epic, filled with chaos, beauty and emotional upheaval. … If you are a classical fan, this album is a must-have. If you are an electronic, industrial or pop fan, this album can give you great insight into how to construct a song. I loved this album: I really felt that there was a great deal of emotion and talent behind Dawn to Dust, and I could not help but keep listening to it over and over again. Trust me—if you are an artist, writer or musician, this album is great to listen to while creating.” –Seeth McGavien, SLUG Magazine

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Dawn To Dust

World Premieres of Three Works Commissioned by the Utah Symphony

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