American Record Guide Reviews Pittsburgh Symphony's Beethoven!

“The music is always pressing forward, as on a life-or-death mission. It's dramatic and exciting…this is Beethoven driven by a carefully thought-out, masterly vision that's brilliantly executed. None of this would work very well if the Pittsburgh Symphony were not fully up to the task. I'd be hard-pressed to say you'll hear more technical dexterity or intensity of execution in Vienna or Berlin or Amsterdam. … I like it very much. Honeck's interpretation of the Seventh is cast in much the same mold: Beethoven on a grand scale, with a big orchestral sound. I will not complain! … The Reference label has a reputation for audiophile sound, and their engineering team does not disappoint us. … The bass is substantial and firm and not muddy, and the top of the orchestra smooth and clean and clear, without a hint of stridency. Spatial placement of the sections of the orchestra is outstanding. … Hard to believe there can be a new album with these two symphonies that one can get excited about, but there you have it.” —Lawrence Hansen, American Record Guide

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