Utah Symphony's Mahler is “Something Special”

Dave Billinge has a new review for the Utah Symphony and Thierry Fischer's Mahler: Symphony No. 1 “Titan” recording on MusicWeb International:

“It is tempting to dismiss yet another Mahler First entering a crowded market as simply not needed. In this case it would be a mistake because this does offer something special… these players respond with as rhythmically vital a performance as you could wish to hear. … I have one small but significant criticism of the third movement. The double-bass solo is much too well played. There is none of the straining that Mahler must have expected. He could not have predicted how good modern players would become. … The explosive opening of the finale, helped by a very present bass drum and gong, pins one back in one's seat just as it should. … The Soundmirror engineers, long famous for their skill, have captured a convincing concert hall acoustic and though extra microphones were used beyond the five main ones, it does have a feeling of reality not often captured.” —Dave Billinge, MusicWeb International

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