Kansas City Symphony Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 in The Audiophile Voice

George Graves features the Kansas City Symphony's Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 recording in the Winter 2016 issue of The Audiophile Voice:

“The imaging on this recording is first rate with an excellent feeling for the huge space in which the recording was made. Reverb times are long and give a luscious, rich texture to the sound. As is usual with Johnson’s work, image specificity is spot on. It is possible to pick out each individual section of the orchestra (best done with the lights off). Front-to-back imaging and image height are spectacular. The recording is extremely quiet, with great dynamic range. … The recording is quite spectacular, offering the kind of jaw-dropping bass when the organ kicks-in that one always expects to hear with recordings of this work but so seldom does. The hall is spacious, and even without the advantage of SACD surround-sound, the reverb is simply sumptuous, giving the listener the illusion of being transported to the concert hall itself. If you want the very best in sound quality and a first- rate reading of Saint-Saens’ Organ Symphony, you can’t go wrong here. … it is truly a sonic blockbuster and a performance tour de force.” —George Graves, The Audiophile Voice

See the full recording in the Winter 2016 issue of The Audiophile Voice

Reference Mastercuts LP 24-bit HDCD

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