Five Stars for Far In the Heavens from Audiophile Audition

True Concord Voices and Orchestra's Far In The Heavens: Choral Works of Stephen Paulus gets a five-star rating from Audiophile Audition's Steven Ritter:

“I had just finished reviewing this disc when the news came that it had garnered two 2016 Grammy Awards (Nominations), for Best Classical Compendium and Best Classical Composition (Prayers and Remembrances). Often the Grammys, and certainly the Pulitzers, get things horribly wrong, but I must say that this recording, possessing a virginal freshness and utter simplicity of concept, is as worthy a winner as we have had in any number of years. … The other pieces coming after the Prayers could just as easily be a continuation of the former, so attuned are they to the overall mood of the program. I can’t get enough of When Music Sounds, surely one of the loveliest pieces I have heard in the past year, and an example of just how emotionally elevated Paulus’ art had become. This is as apt a tribute to this man as I can imagine, recorded splendidly as always by Reference, and played and sung to perfection by a group of young artists whose own emotional connection to the man and the music is palpable in every bar. Tremendous!” —Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

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