Bowie at The GRAMMYs

Rolling Stone Magazine published the news that Lady Gaga will pay tribute to the late David Bowie by performing of a medley of his songs at The Grammys on Monday. But this isn't the only Bowie tribute featured in Rolling Stone recently, RR artist and longtime David Bowie pianist Mike Garson also talked about working with David Bowie and his music in a Rolling Stone fantastic interview. Shortly after the interview was published, Mike Garson received unexpected praise from Lady Gaga on Twitter when she said his piano playing on David Bowie’s song Aladdin Sane “changed [her] life”!

Just saw this quote for the first time. I'm flattered. Thanks @ladygaga​. 🎹
— Mike Garson (@mikegarson) February 1, 2016

The Bowie Variations

Mike Garson in the notes for his RR recording The Bowie Variations: “When I met David, I sensed that he was an immense artist and a songwriter with a flair for great melodies and unique harmonies. The Ziggy Stardust tour changed the course of my life in many ways and began a working relationship and a special friendship that has spanned four decades.”

Having played the Bowie songbook in concert countless times, Garson always had the ambition to record his own original variations on these well-known themes.

The Bowie Variations with the Original David Bowie recordings on Spotify

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