Nadia Shpachenko Wins Global Music Award

The Global Music Awards (GMA) is a top-tier international music competition honoring talented musicians from around the world and we're excited to share that they have awarded a Gold Medal to Nadia Shpachenko and her Woman at the New Piano recording!

About The Global Music Awards

We are on a quest to find the world's best new music and to honor and promote the artists. Global Music Awards is a showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists. Musicians who win Global Music Awards are in select group of the world’s most talented artists.

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Woman at the New Piano

World Premiere Recordings of New Works for Piano, Chamber Instruments and Electronics from 4 Notable Modern Composers.

"Nadia Shpachenko plays excellently through the whole album. The composers love her, too: Matheson says, of Cretic Variations, every note was "inspired directly by the brilliance, bravado, subtlety, poetry, explosiveness and restraint of Nadia Shpachenko...If there's a downside to this release, it's that we might start expecting a new one every year. Nadia Shpachenko has done heroic work here, and the composers provide stimulating listening." — Brian Reinhart,

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