Joel Fan: Dances for Piano and Orchestra HRx Review gives a top rating to Joel Fan: Dances for Piano and Orchestra!

“Pianist Fan endows each selection not only with his fabulous technique but his knowing musicianship. Maestro Christophe Chagnard, founding director of the Northwest Sinfonietta, supplies sensitive accompaniment that partners the piano perfectly in each of these true showpieces for the keyboard. … I happened to have on hand an HDCD version of this program that Joel gifted me last Christmas. While it is a humdinger of a disc, the HRx disc has noticeably more air, a more potent low end, and fuller piano sound. … In the continually growing tradition of Reference Recordings, we get another completely cherishable disc that should enjoy many plays on your system, be it a computer-based server or a compatible disc-spinner. … As for pianist Fan, I hope that Reference Recordings folks queue him up for many more recitals. Highly recommended.” —Lawrence Devoe, Blu-Ray Definition

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