Five Stars for Fiona Boyes Box & Dice

Five Stars on Amazon for Fiona Boyes and her new Box & Dice recording:

“Fiona Boyes is an amazing guitar player and singer from Australia, with a husky voice, a talent for songwriting, and a love of unusual instruments.On this album she plays the "Box and Dice" cigar box guitar shown on the cover and a 4-string cigar box guitar, as well as a rare National Reso-lectric baritone guitar and her usual touring guitar a Maton Mastersounds custom electric. She is accompanied by double bass and drums and such unusual percussion as trattoir, ropes and chains, and a pocket full of loose coins. The album includes 9 original songs and 3 great covers. With Boyes' husky voice and the fascinating sounds of the various guitars, this is a marvelous example of how great stripped-down blues can sound.” —Rhetta Akamatsu

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