Box & Dice is Universal Blues

“They say music is the universal language. Few things will bear that out like this CD from Reference Recordings, the latest in their Fresh series, "Box & Dice" from Fiona Boyes. I hear you. What's so universal about a female Blues guitarist? Well, how about the fact that Ms. Boyes comes from a place about as far removed from the birthplace of the Blues - the rural South - as it's possible to get. She's Australian. But her influences are pure Blues all the way. I hear echos of Bonnie Raitt, Rory Block, Bessie Smith, and a lot of Maria Muldaur - and that's just in her singing/songwriting. Her guitar work owes much to so many it would be next to impossible to name them all here. But you'll hear them in whatever guitar she picks up, be it her 6 string Box & Dice cigar box, National Reso-lectric, a 4 string FB Australian Classic cigar box, or her Matson Mastersound custom electric. Like her songs, most of which are her own compositions, each guitar has its own unique sound. … "Box & Dice" will do nicely to introduce you to the talents, both as a singer/songwriter and Blues guitarist, of FIona Boyes. Because when you can write, sing and play like Ms. Boyes, it matters little where you're from, her music speaks volumes. Universal Indeed.” —John Crossett

John Crossett - Audio Writer

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