Box & Dice is a “guitar fest”

“I just received the newest release, Box & Dice, from Fiona Boyes and it's a gritty, bluesy guitar fest. Opening with Juke Joint on Moses Lane, Boyes gets a thick, rudimentary sound from a resonator guitar with superior sliding technique. Her voice is raspy and well suited to this polished form of primitive blues. I'm A Stranger Here has a pure delta sound played only on a 6 string cigar box and she handles it with authority. Walking Around Money has a bit more rock blended in with an fast rockin beat on baritone guitar with Grunden and Addision. Boyes does a really nice cover of Howlin Wolf's Smokestack Lightning, with a driving electric guitar vamp, a cool loosely slung solo and some of my favorite vocals on the release. Louisiana is a somber blues ballad gently sung and accompanied on 4 string cigar box guitar, bass and percussion. Very nice! JC Johnson's Black Mountain Blues is delivered Bessie Smith style with Boyes handling the vocals nicely. With it's easy blues swing and Boyes' nicely fingered guitar work, this track sounds old beyond it's years. … a strong blues release.” —Bman's Blues Report

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