Macallè Blues Reviews There's A Time

Italian blues outlet, Macallè Blues reviews Doug MacLeod's There's A Time:

“…Accompanied by the devoted rhythmics of Jimi Bott and Danny Croy, already present in the previous There's A Time, here the piano skills of Michael Thompson are added, also him back to family with MacLeod after the recent tours with the Eagles. The program that develops along the eleven tracks of the disk, moves from Rock 'Till The Cows Come Home, homage to the amused Louis Jordan, that works really well from proscenium for the savory piano of Thompson. The more intimistas and philosophical MacLeod reveals in Find Your Right Mind, while are numerous, after the initial passage, the other inspirations. Although, as always, the passages derive whole from MacLeod's own pen, musically the tributes are different: Vanetta is a John-Lee-Hooker-kinda boogie as the following Serious Doin' Woman conveys some echoes of Tony Joe White. New Morning Road, is instead a homage to the old Ernest Banks, Piedmont blues master and among the first MacLeod's mentors. It was not possible, then, to miss a tribute to the women: Raylene is type that, unlike the very famous coeva "baby child" sung by Muddy Waters, "...makes love like a woman, but she's nineteen years old...". By the end, the introspective MacLeod of Heaven's The Only Place reappears and then all is closed as it was opened: where the inspiration, to the beginning, was turned to Louis Jordan, here we find it addressed to Duke Ellington, rewritten in form of paraphrase. You Got It Good is, in fact, worthy as well as representative closing of the dominant feel in the listener once gets to the end of the listening of this disk. And that really ain't bad, Doug!!!” —GR, Macallè Blues

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