Fiona Boyes — Walkin' Round Money

FRESH! From Reference Recordings artist Fiona Boyes plays Walkin' Round Money at the 2014 Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival!

Fiona Boyes: Box & Dice

Fiona Boyes plays deep Blues, influenced by a myriad of traditional regional styles. She has carved an international reputation as a blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, and American reviewers have described her as a ‘musical anomaly’ and ‘Bonnie Raitt’s evil twin’!

Equally at home on acoustic or electric guitars, her mostly original repertoire is like a Blues travelogue. Listen to her play and you’ll hear pre-war Delta slide, single chord Mississippi Hills grooves, intricate country blues finger picking along with material drawn from the classic blues sounds of New Orleans, Chicago and Memphis. Fiona continues to joyfully explore the music she loves with recent acquisitions such as cigarbox guitar and a rare National Reso-Lectric Baritone adding new textures to her live shows and recordings. Reference Recordings is excited to announce the worldwide release of her brand new album - Box & Dice! - her first recording with her long-time Australian rhythm section, drummer Mark Grunden and Dean Addision, double bass.

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