Manfred Honeck and Pittsburgh Symphony's Bruckner Symphony No. 4 an “Excellent Choice”

Arthur Lintgen reviews Manfred Honeck and the Pittsburgh Symphony's new Bruckner recording for Fanfare Magazine:

“What Honeck does accomplish, perhaps better than any other conductor, is to move the music along and even lighten instrumental textures as in the relaxed and faster second subject of the first movement without detracting in any way from the solemnity of the opening horn call and the power of the massive brass climaxes. In other words, Honeck’s flexible tempos add to the power of the recurring horn call by increasing dynamic contrasts. … Honeck is aided by the almost unbelievable playing of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and especially the French horns and brass section… The sound is excellent and qualitatively similar to the first two recordings in this series. All of them have a wide and deep sound stage with no objectionable spotlighting of individual instruments. The dynamic range is outstanding from the barely audible opening horn call to the massive brass climaxes at the end of the first and fourth movements.…Honeck and his A-list Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra provide an excellent…choice and…interpretive approach.” —Arthur Lintgen, Fanfare

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