Kansas City Symphony's Saint-Saëns “Organ” is “One of the Best”

Audiophile critic Rad Bennett (Stereo Review, The Absolute Sound, Sound and Vision, Sound Stage! and more) weighs in on the new Kansas City Symphony Saint-Saëns recording, saying “There can be no doubt that this is one of the best recorded versions around…”. Bennett lists his top five recordings of Symphony No. 3, which now includes Michael Stern and the Kansas City Symphony and ranks it #1 in terms of sound, adding that what makes this recording even more preferable are the other pieces included, “the La muse et la poete (very seldom heard) and the Introudction and Rondo capriccioso, both nicely played.” But the music isn't the only praise-worthy part of this recording: “The Reference Recording also includes stellar program notes by Richard Freed that are actually printed in a large enough type face that you can read them without a magnifying glass!”

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