Bruckner featured in Australian Hi-Fi

Australian Hi-Fi magazine features a John Sunier review for Manfred Honeck and Pittsburgh Symphony's Bruckner Symphony No. 4 recording:

“Honeck's score section is the 1878/80 version, to my mind the most solid of the myriad choices available…There have been many fine recordings of this work, but Honeck and the superb Pitssburghians have given us a performance in phenomenal—underline that—surround sound that launches this rendition to the absolute top of the pile. The extraordinary caressing of phrases, perfection in the finely-graded chordal building blocks, and the fearlessness that the conductor displays in his willingness to contradict accepted tradition while still manifesting a healthy respect for it, make this experience one that will not easily be matched any time soon. An essential recording!” —John Sunier, Australian Hi-Fi

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, March/April 2015 Issue

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