Blues Blast Magazine Calls Exactly Like “This Superior Traditional Blues”

Blues critic Rainey Wetnight says if you better be dancing to Doug MacLeod's Exactly Like This:

“[Doug MacLeod] wants listeners to know that great acoustic blues sounds Exactly Like This – crisp, original, and engaging. … Nearly three decades have refined him into a renowned blues master. Performing alongside him on this album are drummer Jimi Bott, bassist Denny Croy, and pianist Michael Thompson. They all prove that music in this genre doesn’t have to be screamingly loud in order to be enjoyable. “Mellow” and “low-key” are compliments here, as they should be. Three things make this Reference Recordings album worthy of a spot in one’s reference collection: 1) Doug MacLeod plays pure blues, with no other styles mixed in; 2) he employs superb songwriting skills; and 3) there are zero covers out of eleven tunes. … this is blues with a capital B. If crowds don’t dance, they need ants in their pants. Superior traditional acoustic blues sounds Exactly Like This!” —Rainey Wetnight, Blues Blast Magazine

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