Blues Music Magazine Features Doug MacLeod

The latest issue of Blues Music Magazine has a fantastic feature and interview with Doug MacLeod. Read a sample here and then register to get the full issue online for free:

In May, 2014, he was awarded not one but two Blues Music Awards in the categories of Acoustic Artist of the Year (after being nominated for this award for the past six years) and Acoustic Album of the Year for There’s A Time on Reference Records. His current Reference Record, Exactly Like This, should add BMA 2016 nomination. … His insightful lyrics, unique voice, steady beat, and delicious resonator guitar sounds may entice you to join the ever-increasing ranks of Dubb Heads. …

Blues Music Magazine: Why did you choose acoustic over electric?

Doug MacLeod: I started off as an acoustic player back in the ‘60s in Norfolk, Virginia, when I was in the Navy. Then I wanted to go electric because I heard B.B. King and Kenny Burrell. So I went electric; the first four albums of my career were with a band. I forget what day it was or the year, but I was talking to my wife, Patti, and I told her that I wanted to make a change and go back to my acoustic roots. She said “why?” and I said that I don’t think that I’m connecting with the people. Part of what I do is tell stories. She said to me, “go ahead.” I said that the money is not going to be as good. “We’ll be fine,” she said. That was many albums ago and we have been fine. Son House was a singer/songwriter as was Blind Boy Fuller, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Blind Willie McTell. I consider myself a singer/songwriter, as everything I do is my own. … For a musician or artist or writer who does a creative thing, the secret is that they have to have the courage to express youself. Have the courage because you don’t want to imitate somebody else. George “Harmonica” Smith told me something years ago. When I was playing electric, I was playing an awful lot like B.B. King, maybe too much. George took me to the side and said, “Dubb, you sure sound like B.B. King. I don’t mean that as a compliment. Let’s put Dubb out there and see what happens with Dubb.” That was a real awakening for me. What he told me was to get me to do what I do now. …

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