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Thrilling live performances from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, in brilliant audiophile sound!

"The sound is gloriously full and dimensional, both in stereo and surround. Not only is there layered depth and good imaging, the full orchestral sound has mass of its own, expanding to fill Pittsburgh's Heinz Hall at the symphony's grandest moments." --Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

"This marvelous Bruckner 4th...features an ensemble that continues to rival any in Europe...This is truly a Bruckner performance for any collection, one which wipes away the notion that the composer's music has to be big and boring...I've never heard the music played with this combination of excitement and sonic splendor. Captured in absolutely stunning sound ...this is a completely convincing reading from first note to last."---Brian Wigman, Classical.net

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JOEL FAN - Dances for Piano and Orchestra

with the Northwest Sinfonietta, Christophe Chagnard, Music Director

"Joel Fan seems to relish these pieces as he attacks them all as if living in another age—crisp, vitally engrossing pianism that will set your feet tapping and your vocal chords humming. The Northwest Sinfonietta plays with expertise and rousing commitment in a recording of exceptional analog-ish warmth and sensitivity. This is truly fine stuff." —Steven Ritter, AudiophileAudition

"...fine performance from all concerned with very fine playing from Joel Fan...This is a terrific new release... a detailed recording full of depth, space and detail" --theclassicalreviewer.blogspot.co.uk

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A unique, powerful guitarist with a rich and soulful voice, singing original songs based on his own life and experiences.

"Recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, Exactly Like This finds MacLeod and his band laying it down in the moment...He never over sings or underperforms—his voice perfectly complements the mood and theme of each song. As a guitarist, he is terrific, and his range is impressive...The disc captures the warmth and intimacy of the moment. Every instrument is perfectly balanced in the mix...The disc's eclecticism, expert playing, ensemble synergy and sound make this a recommended pick."—Stephen A. King, Living Blues Magazine

"…Doug is a storyteller par excellence, a weaver of tales, a singer who tells you a tale and makes it so that you are there in the moment, that you understand, and that you feel exactly what he intends…It's hard to imagine any of these songs getting any better, each is as near to perfect in execution as I could ask, enough roughness to be human, but the only way you'll hear them this way is to get the album." --Ian McHugh, Tonemonkey & Blues is the Truth Radio UK

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Nadia Shpachenko - Woman At The Piano

World Premiere Recordings of New Works for Piano, Chamber Instruments and Electronics from 4 Notable Modern Composers.

"Nadia Shpachenko plays excellently through the whole album. The composers love her, too: Matheson says, of Cretic Variations, every note was "inspired directly by the brilliance, bravado, subtlety, poetry, explosiveness and restraint of Nadia Shpachenko...If there's a downside to this release, it's that we might start expecting a new one every year. Nadia Shpachenko has done heroic work here, and the composers provide stimulating listening." -- Brian Reinhard, musicweb-international.com

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Sneak Preview: RR will soon release Adam Schoenberg's glorious American Symphony, Finding Rothko and Picture Studies, performed by the Kansas City Symphony!

Organ Polychrome - The French School

Jan Kraybill

Premiere Solo Recording - The Julia Irene Kauffman Organ, Casavant Freres Opus 3875, 2011

"If you can play this one really loud without clipping your amplifier or melting your speakers, then you have an impressive system. All credit goes to the recording engineers at Reference Recordings for capturing every bit of air displacement this organ can produce. Jan Kraybill, who is the Organ Conservator at the Kauffman Center, knows this organ's capabilities very well, and as such matches each piece's character to the best combination of stops possible. I envy her position. Sitting at that console, in command of all that power, must feel like sitting on a rocket." --Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel

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