Living Blues Reviews “Exactly Like This”

Living Blues has a new review for Doug MacLeod's Exactly Like This release:

“Exactly Like This, Doug MacLeod’s latest offering in a career that spans nearly 30 years. MacLeod considers Exactly Like This to be a tribute disc of sorts—the guitar riff in Vanetta is an obvious nod to John Lee Hooker, while Jerry Reed’s influence can be heard on Ain’t It Rough? Others songs, according to MacLeod, reflect the influences of his other musical heroes - Tony Joe White, Wes Montgomery, Louis Jordan and Duke Ellington. … He never over sings or underperforms—his voice perfectly complements the mood and theme of each song. As a guitarist, he is terrific, and his range is impressive. The lead cut, Rock It Till the Cows Come Home, is jazz guitar. He sounds like a delta blues guitarist on New Morning Roads. One can even hear a little country in his playing on Ain’t It Rough? … Exactly Like This should also be complimented for its production. The disc captures the warmth and intimacy of the moment. Every instrument is perfectly balanced in the mix. … The disc’s eclecticism, expert playing, ensemble synergy and sound make this a recommended pick.” —Stephen A. King, Living Blues

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