International Acclaim for Doug MacLeod's Exactly Like This

Reviews are coming in from around the globe for Doug MacLeod's new Exactly Like This recording:

UK Reactions

“…one of the very best acoustic blues exponents in the world…..strongly recommended.” —Lionel Ross/Blues In The Northwest

“...definitely not your regular audiophile lift (elevator) music. This is partly because it’s played live without overdubs, but largely because he’s a very capable blues guitarist and singer with some fine backing. Sound: 10 Music: 8” —Jason Kennedy/HiFi+

“…Doug is a storyteller par excellence, a weaver of tales, a singer who tells you a tale and makes it so that you are there in the moment, that you understand, and that you feel exactly what he intends… It’s hard to imagine any of these songs getting any better, each is as near to perfect in execution as I could ask, enough roughness to be human, but the only way you’ll hear them this way is to get the album.” —Ian McHugh/Tonemonkey & Blues is the Truth Radio


“… easily one of the most accomplished and admired acoustic bluesmen of his generation…, this is an album that showcases MacLeod’s captivating, talented artistry to the full.” —Iain Patience, Cashbox Canada

The Netherlands

“The eleven songs are obviously written by Macleod himself and form, as befits a good songwriter, small stories in a musical coat. Even after so many albums, the man continues to fascinate us with his storytelling. Great.” —Eric Campfens/Blueszine.NL

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