Exactly Like This Will Leave A Lasting Memory

UK independent music blog, Bluesdoodles, gives Doug MacLeod and Exactly Like This high praise (and high "paws"):

“Doug is a blues player that sings and writes the songs telling stories he wants to share with you. …Heaven’s The Only Place the penultimate track following a blues take on rock N’ roll again is stripped bare with vocals that are full of yearning and soulfulness leading to the closing number You Got It Good (And That Ain’t Bad) ending the album with a big bluesy shout, with piano shuffle on the drums and his vocals that wrap around the musical framework a great number to leave a lasting memory of an album that is a listen to again and often as Doug delivers blues that is modern, interesting and listenable. … The album incorporates many influences and the result is Exactly Like This; this his third album is full of music driven shapes and textures creating a sound that is full of key changes, beats and tempos that keeps your musical ear appreciatively engaged. Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN.” —Bluesdoodles

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