EnjoyTheMusic Praises Organ Polychrome Across The Boards

With 4.5/5 stars for performance and enjoyment and 5/5 for sound quality, Enjoy The Music's Joe Milicia praises Jan Kraybill's Organ Polychrome across the board:

“Jan Kraybill has impressive credentials as an organist, clinician and educator in the Kansas City/Independence region, with performances across the US and abroad as well. For the present release in addition to performing she writes the enlightening CD program notes on the ten French composers represented. … it's a fascinating sampling of a long-lived, greatly admired school of organist-composers. …I appreciate her attention to the colors and to the range of possibilities of her instrument—impressively well captured by RR's recording and mastering engineer, Keith O. Johnson. … RR's sound is most impressive: clear and clean, with impressive though not extreme dynamic range (i.e., I could easily find a single setting that comfortably accommodated the loudest and quietest moments on the disc). The ambience is that of a concert hall with just a little reverberation (very unlike a cavernous cathedral space). Above all, the colors of the various ranks or voices are vividly distinguishable, and I often found myself hearing what I assume is the illusion of lower and higher ranks having a somewhat more forward or distant location than others. The booklet provides full organ specifications as well as Kraybill's excellent notes.” —Joe Milicia, Enjoy The Music

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