Exactly Like This Gets Four Stars From Audiophile Audition

Audiophile Audition's Robbie Gerson gives Doug MacLeod's new Exactly Like This release four (out of five) stars in this latest review:

“The material on ‘Exactly Like This‘ is very good. The recording environment by Reference Recordings is superlative. The live studio intimacy is enhanced significantly by the full sound of the 24-bit HDCD. The guitar resonates with natural vibration and echo. McLeod’s baritone reverberates with subtle prominence. Engineer Keith O. “Prof” Johnson” captures the essence of spontaneous, bona fide blues. The recording was done live without headphones, over-dubs, pitch, or tempo adjustments. The liner notes are incisive and reveal Macleod’s thoughts on why he recorded this particular album this way. There is even an explanation about the squeaks from the stool. Blues lovers (and just plain music lovers) will be pleased with this effort!” —Robbie Gerson, Audiophile Audition

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