Culture Spot LA Calls Bruckner “Jaw-Dropping”

Henry Schlinger of Culture Spot LA adds to his Pittsburgh Live! reviews with a new review for the Pittsburgh Symphony and Manfred Honeck's Bruckner:

“The latest in the “Pittsburgh Live!” series from Reference Recordings is a jaw-dropping performance of Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4 in E-flat major (“Romantic”) that is engrossing and thrilling. … Few modern conductors have approached music the way Honeck does, and his Bruckner Fourth is no exception… Honeck and the musicians of the PSO beautifully imagine the portrait of Bruckner’s Fourth Symphony and achieve something even more glorious than what is written on the pages of the score. The result is a compelling, intriguing and truly romantic version of this great symphony.” —Henry Schlinger, Culture Spot LA

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