Bman's Blues Reports Exactly Like This is “Quite Good”

The Bman's Blues Report has a break down of the Doug MacLeod Exactly Like This recording:

“I just received the newest release (March 10, 2015), Exactly Like This, from Doug MacLeod and it's quite good. … [Rock It Til The Cows Come Home] has an acoustic basis but it really does rock. With a solid piano groove and acoustic guitar instrumentation MacLeod's vocals push the track. … The spirit of John Lee lingers in [Vanetta] with his basic attack and feel. Excellent! … Serious Doin' Woman has a real cool swampy feel (think Poke Salad Annie) with tall tales and a simple beat. … With finger chicken pickin and light snare work, [Ridge Runner] has the feel of Orange Blossom Special or another similar bluegrass track but brought up to a more sophisticated level of execution…New Morning Road is the purest delta style blues track, vocal and acoustic guitar and possibly my favorite track on the release. Think early Skip James or Hooker, Muddy Waters. Very cool!…” —Bman's Blues Report

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