The Arts Desk Says Honeck is “At It Again”

The Arts Desk's Graham Rickson named the Pittsburgh Symphony's Dvořák/Janáček recording a “Best of 2014”, so how does the new Bruckner SACD stack up?

“Manfred Honeck's at it again. Changing dynamics, tampering with tempo markings, adjusting balances. But when the results feel so idiomatically right, only a chump would object. … Start noting down the high spots and you'll need several sheets of paper. … This is a great performance, exactly the sort of disc that might convert Bruckner skeptics. The live recording glows, and the playing is sensational. More from this source please – the Honeck/Pittsburgh partnership is stealthily producing some of the greatest orchestral recordings in the catalogue.” —Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk

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