New Mike Garson Biography

The first-ever biography of RR artist Mike Garson, Bowie's Piano Man has been announced!

“He’s played with David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and is an accomplished session musician, yet until now little has been written about him. Now a soon-to-be published biography uncovers the life story of Mike Garson and his musical career from New York jazz pianist to his collaboration with Bowie and beyond. Written by Clifford Slapper, himself a pianist who’s played with Bowie, the book is based on in-depth interviews with Garson as well as other musicians who have worked with him during his lengthy professional career. With over 50 photographs, many never seen before, Bowie’s Piano Man seeks to shine a spotlight on Garson a musician who has contributed hugely to modern musical history.” —Fitzrovia News

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