Now Available — Robert Moore: Outta My Soul

Outta My Soul

Robert Moore

FRESH! From Reference Recordings

“Outta My Soul leaves one moved in head, heart, hand and hind...” —Tim DuRoche

New to our Fresh! series is Robert Moore, jazz vocalist, composer, trumpet and harmonica player based in Portland. He has evolved a sound uniquely his own, mixing his Southern roots, influences of soul and gospel into his own distinct interpretations of bebop and swinging jazz.

Outta My Soul showcases six originals and six compositions from diverse writers including Frank Loesser, Sting, Gene Ammons and King Pleasure — one instrumental and eleven vocals from delicate to scat to blues proclamation. There’s even a Ken Nordine-esque spoken ‘word jazz’ number.

Produced by Robert and recorded in high-res digital by innovative engineer Bob Stark, the album combines creative arrangements and outstanding performances by many of Portland's best musicians in a wide variety of settings from two to twelve.

Moore started his singing career in a Southern Baptist church, and that early heartfelt gospel truth can still be heard in the soulful delivery of his music.

After stints as a public schools music teacher, he began his performance career, settling in Birmingham, Alabama. After 25 years there, he moved his scene to Portland, Oregon, finding a home and a following among the knowing jazz fans of that musically sophisticated city.

His music has steadily grown in depth, passion and honesty during his 60 years on the planet. Robert’s well-seasoned, finely-honed chops on vocals, trumpet, and harmonica are bringing joy to a wider audience than ever.

“Robert Moore is a vintage Jazz hipster and possibly the coolest one in town. A singer, a trumpeter and a composer who has a maverick streak and takes no mess. This honesty and willingness to speak his mind has not endeared him to everyone in the music biz...but it has to music fans.” —Tom D'Antoni, Oregon Music News


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