Kansas City Star gives Organ Polychrome a Rave

“Reference Recordings brings the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts’ organ right into your living room with its new release, Organ Polychrome. And with extraordinary organist Jan Kraybill at the keyboard, Organ Polychrome is, indeed, a multi-colored showstopper. … There’s never a sense of sameness as you listen to the CD. It’s the sort of recording you’ll want to listen to over and over. I know I did. Kraybill, one of Kansas City’s most respected and loved musicians, is the conservator of the Julia Irene Kauffman Casavant Organ, and she knows how to make it purr like a kitten or roar like a lion. And Reference Recordings’ 24-bit recording captures every detail. The sound is never muddled, and the subtle differences in colors are always clearly discerned. Even when Kraybill is putting the pedal to the metal, and the 5,548-pipe organ is going full bore, there’s a clarity that is thrilling. This is a CD to give a person who claims he or she hates organ music.” —Patrick Neas, Kansas City Star

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