CultureSpot LA Reviews Miraculous Metamorphoses

New review from Culture Spot LA's Henry Schlinger for the Kansas City Symphony's Miraculous Metamorphoses recording:

“A recent CD on Reference Recordings featuring the Kansas City Symphony (KCS) conducted by Music Director Michael Stern shows they may be vying for a place among the best American orchestras. … Reference Recordings prides itself on producing high-quality live-performance experiences, and this disc is no exception. As with their other recordings, the music on this HDCD jumps out at the listener. It is clear and bright and captures the essence of a live performance. The KCS under the direction of Stern plays with clarity and crispness. Apparently, the KCS has been flying under the radar. But with this new recording, it is soaring higher and could be knocking on the door of the pantheon of American orchestras.” —Henry Schlinger, Culture Spot LA

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