Boston Concert Reviews Features Andrés Segovia Archive: Spanish Composers

In a new listing of reviews titled, “Flamenco Inspiration Taken to New Musical Places,” Boston Concert Reviews features the Andrés Segovia Archive: Spanish Composers release by Roberto Moronn Pérez:

“One final audiophile recording recommendation that transports Spanish music and dance traditions into a new and beautiful place is Spanish guitarist Roberto Moronn Perez’s recording, Andres Sepovia Archive – Spanish Composers… The recording is excellent and allows the listener to lean into Perez’s quiet artistry: following his unfurling guitar lines and the sinuous melodic turns and glowing lyricism of these compositions. Here is the essence of the rich Spanish dance and music tradition crystalized and captured in an artful solo performance: lyrical and sweet, yet also knotty and full of soulful passion.” —Nelson Brill, Boston Concert Reviews

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