Dual Reviews from Positive Feedback Online

Karl Lozier has a couple of features for Reference Recordings releases in the latest Positive Feedback Online:

Traveling Sonata

“These attractive classical selections are quite varied…The two performers decided on specific selections here ranging from the soothing and mellow music of Faure and Satie to the more exciting "Bolero" and "Carmen " and to the modern music of Dyens and Duplessy. … Many of the selections are mellow and relaxing as well as simply interesting. As usual Reference Recordings audio quality is simply outstanding…”

Pittsburgh Symphony: Dvořák & Janáček

“Honeck who seems to prefer the title Music Director than Conductor and the orchestra respond to this particularly outstanding composition in such a way that it may be the best I've heard in the past many years. I mean recorded or live; do not bother trying to find a better overall version or even a better recorded one, it just is that good.”

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