The Pittsburgh Symphony Gets Five Stars from Audiophile Audition

Critic Steven Ritter says the new Pittsburgh Symphony recording is “Interpretatively and sonically, this is one of the best releases of the Dvorak 8th I have ever heard.” in a new Five-Star Review:

“This album only confirms the fact that the Pittsburgh Symphony, always one of America’s greatest and most underrated orchestras, now tops the list in both interpretative finesse and recorded sound. … Phrasing is perfect; he lingers some places where others may not, but never to excess, and always to enhance the dramatic curve of each movement and the symphony as a whole. There are numerous places in the orchestration, enhanced by the superb Super Audio sound, that reflect a lot of consideration to native Czech style and Honeck’s own unique philosophy regarding how this music should be performed. … And again, the sound will simply blow you away. Never have I heard either of these works in such a stunningly brilliant aural perspective, and the effect—assuming you are listening on a good sound system—is thrilling. Don't miss this one!” —Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

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